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Raindrops Fall

Title: Raindrops Fall
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: Can seem quite depressing.
Summary: The raindrops always fall. It isn't something that he can stop, no matter how much he may want to.

This is just a quick drabble that I wrote between classes (I was in a very weird mood when I wrote this. I'm trying a different approach to my writing technique so I would appreciate some feedback :)

The rain drops always fall. It isn’t something that he can stop, no matter how much he may want to.

As he looks out of the window from his apartment he can smell the rain. It smells like her. Fresh and clean. Inside the apartment, the temperature is nice and warm, but the atmosphere is cold and dank. Bitter.

He can't look back at her. Even though he wants to, he can't. He can hear her though. He can hear her breathing. Her struggling breathing.

Her tears fall like the rain. Another thing that he can't stop. He wants to. He wants to be able to go over to her and comfort her. To take her into his arms the way that he longs to whenever she isn't around. But he knows that it is too late for that.

A flash of light erupts from the sky as a fork of lightening makes its way through the wet blackness.

He knows that he is hurting her but he can't stop. Because stopping would mean letting her go.

Let her go.

Let her go.

Closing his eyes, he listens to everything. The rain, the breathing, the sobbing, the shifting on the sofa. He knows that she is silently begging him to come and sit with her.

Let her go.

There are no cars out tonight. The street is silent. Bare.

He chances a look at her and sees her sitting there, on his couch, looking like the most vulnerable thing in the world. And she is. She tore herself open for him, exposed all of her thoughts, all of her feelings and he broke her down.

Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy. Her hair was a mess. Her lips were swollen. But still she was the most beautiful thing in the world to him.

He wanted nothing more than to take her outside and see the rain fall over her face. He wanted to see the drops form. He wanted to kiss them off of her nose. To let her know...

Still he can feel the air crackle, as though the lightening were here in the room with them. Her tears are the raindrops. And he is the thunder that has so much potential to destroy everything that gets too close

He turns back to the window. Sees the full moon. Nothing more than a source of light to him now as it shines down on the soaked street, making lights dance across the pavement.

He wants to know how. How to let her in. How to let her fix him.
As another flash of lightening struck the sky he wished the storm would stop.

Both inside and out of the apartment.

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